cvs branched for Fedora 12

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Wed Sep 30 06:50:43 EDT 2009

Hi All,

Just a reminder to those people that maintain packages in upstream
Fedora that as of now the packages have been branched for F-12. That
means if you need to build a package for Fedora-12 it will need to be
built in the F-12 branch. If you do this also please ensure you commit
the build to the devel (the one that will become F-13) as well to
ensure that both places have the latest build.

Also as of today we are in Freeze in preparation for the Fedora 12
Beta and in preparation for final. As a result any bug fix packages
built for F-12 will need a rel-eng ticket so they can be tagged into
the release.

If you need any assistance or have any queries about any of the above
by all means poke me on or off list and I'll be glad to help out.


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