My view of OS7 on XO-1

Hal Murray hmurray at
Tue Sep 29 22:41:27 EDT 2009

It now connects to my home AP without manual intervention, and quickly too.  
Yea!  Thanks.

I haven't figured out how to setup a mesh network.  I've got two circles on 
the frame.  One is a copy of the icon for my AP in the neighborhood view.  
The other one is gray and the text says "Create new wireless network".  
Poking it doesn't do anything that I can see.

I had a power failure this afternoon.  That gave me a pop-up asking for the 
password to my AP.  The AP was dead.  It already knows the password to my AP.

At one point, I had 4 strange AP icons on the neighborhood view, all the same 
color, all said olpc-mesh.  They may have been created while I was poking 
around after my AP got killed by the power failure.  After a while, they went 
away when I wasn't watching.

Turning off the Automatic Power Managment  check-box in the control panel 
doesn't work.
I can uncheck the box, but after poking OK and opening it up 
again, it comes back checked again.

After a while, an idle system goes into a funny power saving mode.  The radio 
LED is off and pings are ignored.  If I poke a key, the CPU active LED (right 
of the battery LED) blinks
but the system doesn't wake up.  Poking the power button gets me back to the 
system.  An occasional ping (75 seconds) avoids this.

If the display has been dimmed, poking the LED-brighter key (F10) turns the 
display on, but it comes up all white.  Poking a letter key or moving the 
shows the picture.

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