sugar-install-bundle doesn't work with content bundles (build 802)

Philipp Kocher philipp.kocher at
Mon Sep 28 01:35:17 EDT 2009

Hi all,

For a deployment without a schoolserver I needed a script to install 
bundles (.xo and .xol) from a USB flash drive. I wanted to use the 
script for initial installation of bundles, installing upgrades and 
reinstall by mistake erased activities. I know the option with the, but I don't want to reboot.

To call sugar-install-bundles in a script seemed to be a good solution:

for i in ${USB_BUNDLES_DIR}/*.xo*; do
	sugar-install-bundle $i

But I faced to problems:
1. sugar-install-bundle doesn't support installing content/library bundles
2. sugar-install-bundle doesn't support upgrading from an old version of 
a bundle to a newer one

So I wrote a version of sugar-install-bundle that solves these two 
problems (see attachment).

It is slow, but it works.

Best regards,
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