OFW access from linux

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Sep 15 17:28:46 EDT 2009

On 15.09.2009, at 23:21, John Gilmore wrote:

>> there's no SysRq key on the XO keyboard, so you'll need to use a
>> break on the serial console to invoke it...
> Please.  If you're going to put this hook in, which I think is a great
> idea, at least make it work on the standard hardware!  And when the
> operating system is not very responsive.  That's when you'll need it
> for debugging or resetting the system.  Without taking the plastic
> apart, finding a part with no known suppliers, and soldering it to
> your motherboard.
> On Sun workstations, the "L1-A" key combination (pressed in exactly
> that order, with no intervening keys or key-ups) got you into OFW or
> its predecessor.  (L1 was the top left key in the keypad to the left
> of the main keyboard.)  We shipped it that way for decades without
> trouble.
> There are some pretty obscure keys on the XO keyboard -- howabout
> something like holding down the leftmost and rightmost "gradually
> increasing sized dots" keys in the top row, and then pressing the
> M-for-Mitch key?
> 	John

Or something like "escape to the funky space" ... fn-esc-space :)

- Bert -

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