Smile activity version 1

Tony Anderson tony at
Thu Sep 3 12:02:30 EDT 2009


I am always tempted to blame my code, but the same problem appeared
in the Ambulant demo wrapper ( on Ubuntu. It appears 
only in the python wrapper (not the C++ version). The Ambulant team has 
opened a ticket. The problem appears to be an interaction between the 
gtk.main() event loop and the Ambulant redraw logic. 
doesn't call gtk.main but instead uses a loop:

while gtk.events_pending():

I think it is safe to rule out Sugar as a culprit, but not my building 
of the Ambulant package!



Tomeu Vizoso wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 18:31, Tony Anderson<tony at> wrote:
>> I posted version 1 of the Smile activity to It
>> matches the code posted on gitorious.
>> The Smile activity implements the open source Ambulant SMIL3 player. It
>> plays a variety of media types. More importantly it can play a complex
>> multimedia presentation including text, images, audio, and video using a
>> standard SMIL script.
>> My goal is to use the Smile activity to play children's stories so that
>> they can see the text highlighted karaoke-style while listening to the
>> story's audio track and looking at background images.
>> Similar to the Quiz and ShowNTell activities, the Smile activity plays a
>> bundle with an extension '.smxo' and mime_type 'application/x-smile'
>> which contains the controlling SMIL script and the associated media files.
>> Version 1 has two serious problems. Video playback and multimedia
>> playback does not redraw correctly (playback is advanced by moving the
>> mouse!). In addition, it is possible to replay only be re-selecting the
>> presentation. The pause and stop buttons do not work correctly.
>> I hope that both of these problems will be resolved in version 2 by the
>> end of September.
> Hi Tony,
> do you know if the cause for these problems in the Ambulant SMIL3
> player or in the activity code?
> Regards,
> Tomeu

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