OHMD Power Control Scripts (James Cameron)

Mark Kitteringham mfkmail7 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 10:11:38 EDT 2009

  Thanks for this power-save and the accompanying deb package, I'm not
a programmer but installed and browsed the features, I've used several
flavors of Linux over the years and am fairly familiar with how to
maintain these systems.
Thanks specifically to James Cameron for the posts.

  One comment, the suspend period is VERY short by default,
post-install timed the shutdown around one minute, I reset the
timescale in the /etc/ohm INI files to reduce brightness of the
backlight and tweaked the timeout to 200 minutes, I'm not interested
in automatic (chron) suspend application, the POWEROFF button and
closing the XO lid to save power are my only desired features, they
work without a hitch in coordination with Mplayer and other running
applications (Evince, Thunar, open teriminal).  Resume was quick and
reliable using these features.

  I'm using the XFCE/DebXO .5 image, as I've stated the OHM features
are quite dependable.  I also use the command line load of "ohm
--no-daemon" at the prompt, I've got F2 hotkey/scripted under the
"xbindkey" TSR macro program, disabled the "update-rc.d" option while
testing because as stated above the inherent default suspend timeframe
was too short for practical purposes.

  I'll continue using this DEB and associated libraries until
something else (maybe included in the image?) comes along as simple
and easily configured, thanks again for the R&D from a non-programming

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