Request for help - can variable values be passed to an Activity ?

Paul Fox pgf at
Wed Sep 2 08:12:06 EDT 2009

mikus wrote:
 > I've modified some system files in /etc to define some global 
 > environmental variables ( export WHAT=foo ).  Those variables are 
 > available within the environment passed to a Terminal session (or 
 > when logged on at the text console) -- the command 'echo $WHAT 
 > $LANG' will emit "foo en_US.UTF-8".  But those same variables are 

what system files did you modify?  i'm guessing it was a shell
startup file, in which case it's not surprising that activities
don't use those files.

(but your point is well taken -- i'm often frustrated that it's
hard to influence the behavior of modern gui programs via system-wide
environment.  one of the sugar folk might have an idea.)


 > undefined within the environment passed to an Activity launched by 
 > Sugar -- the command 'echo $WHAT $LANG' will emit "blank en_US.UTF-8".
 > does not appear to 
 > go into how come some "global" environmental variables aren't passed 
 > when an Activity is launched by Sugar.
 > Please - is there a way to ensure that that a particular global 
 > variable __does__ get passed to an Activity ?
 > Thanks,  mikus
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