Count bad blocks on NAND -

Paul Fox pgf at
Tue Sep 1 11:08:14 EDT 2009

martin wrote:
 > On Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 1:48 PM, Martin
 > Langhoff<martin.langhoff at> wrote:
 > > Note: The number is over-reported by 4 when you compare it with OFW --
 > > I am not sure why the accounting done by the MTD driver differs from
 > > the accounting done by OFW.
 > Looking at strace output over several XOs, it is always the last 4
 > blocks on the MTD device that are marked as 'bad'.
 > Maybe my patch is overshooting the mark somehow. Clearly those 4 "bad"
 > blocks are bogus.

i believe the bad block table is stored in the last 4 blocks.

 paul fox, pgf at

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