OFW upgrade without a keyboard

Mitch Bradley wmb at laptop.org
Fri Oct 30 21:14:11 EDT 2009

"Remove all power and wait" is by far the easiest way to reset a 
keyboard, but ...

If one really could not get the keyboard to work, but wanted to upgrade 
the firmware anyway, here is a recipe:

a) Get a USB stick, ideally factory-formatted with a FAT filesystem, but 
ext2 will work too.

b) Put the firmware file, e.g. q3a15.rom, in the root directory of that 

c) Create a file  "/boot/olpc.fth" on that stick, containing these two 

\ OLPC boot script
flash u:\q3a15.rom

The important feature of the first line is that it must begin with the 
two-character sequence "backslash space".

d) Insert the stick into the XO and let it auto-boot.

e) When the machine resets after the reflashing, remove the stick

f) Delete or rename the /boot/olpc.fth file so that stick won't cause an 
auto-reflash the next time you insert it.

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