os33 - video regression ?

Sean DALY sdaly.be at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 10:34:18 EDT 2009

YouTube video can be encapsulated H.264, On2 VP6, or the older
Sorenson Spark. So it's important to try to test the same file.

H.264, the most recent addition, is very processor-intensive...


On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 1:33 AM, Mikus Grinbergs <mikus at bga.com> wrote:
> When I try to run mplayer on os33 with the parameters that I use on the
> XO-1, the XO-1.5 shows a bright green screen and locks up completely (all
> that I can do is power off).  I have to explicitly tell mplayer to use the
> 'x11' driver (i.e., *no* implied acceleration) in order to see a "moving
> picture" in os33 with mplayer.  [IIRC, previously on os32 my mplayer with
> the XO-1 parameters had worked, but jerkily.]
> Also, though it may be a function of network congestion / source quality,
> but my impression is that with os33 YouTube is "jerkier" than I remember
> from os32.
> mikus
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