On XO-1 soas03xo has flaky behavior

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Sat Oct 24 16:42:22 EDT 2009

This is with XO-1 booted from USB stick created from soas03xo.iso:

  *  alt-tab does not switch for me between activity sessions -- to 
switch I had to click on the icons in Frame.

     I don't know if virgin soas03xo does this - I've added some 
customizations - therefore I didn't want to write a bug report.
Could you please ask some other XO-1 user to check this.

  *  I've had at least four *non-repeatable* crashes of Sugar while 
doing "normal" things.  The most recent was while trying to launch 
ViewSlides.  [Once Sugar had restarted, ViewSlides launched ok.]  Am 
attaching the *entire* ViewSlides log from when Sugar crashed.

Did not write bug reports because could not reproduce these crashes.

  *  The "crash on vertical scrolling" is really hurting me.  I 
cannot access all of my Journal, nor all of Home List View (I have 
to use the search field -- *if* I know what I am looking for).

One major improvement in soas03xo is that the Object Chooser now 
lets me access files on my SD card.    [Except again, I cannot 
scroll vertically.]    [By the way, there was at least one Activity 
(Jukebox?) on which Object Chooser had its old behavior (did not 
support accessing my SD card content).]

Thanks,  mikus

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