tap-to-click feedback

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Oct 22 11:48:50 EDT 2009

Daniel Drake wrote:
> Really I think the biggest issue is that they
> press it by accident while typing or making other motions and have no
> idea why the screen has changed significantly (they don't understand
> that it's because they clicked, or that their hand was near the pad).

Normally, Synaptics touchpads use logic that (1) ignores large-area
contact, assuming it's an accidental touch with the palm, and (2) disables
the touchpad while the keyboard is active.  If those measures are not in
place, there will be a problem regardless of tap-to-click.

I don't know where in the stack this logic lives.  If that logic is
already active, then it sounds like further measures are warranted.

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