tap-to-click feedback

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Thu Oct 22 06:45:05 EDT 2009

Just wanted to communicate an experience from the deployment here:

A while back, we (OLPC + community) discussed the behaviour of the new
XO touchpads which have tap-to-click on by default. We debated
including the fairly large software changes to be able to disable this
functionality with the interest of retaining the behaviour of the old
touchpad. We decided against it and shipped software with tap-to-click
enabled, in hope that it wouldn't cause problems and users would

Well, in my 3-4 months here in Nepal I've heard repeated cries for
disabling this, since it is causing confusion for children and
teachers in the schools. Really I think the biggest issue is that they
press it by accident while typing or making other motions and have no
idea why the screen has changed significantly (they don't understand
that it's because they clicked, or that their hand was near the pad).

Do other deployments share the same experience?


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