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George Hunt georgejhunt at
Wed Oct 14 17:56:03 EDT 2009

I am excited about developing a tool to help me develop other XO
Activities.  When I shared my ideas with Adam Holt, he suggested that I seek
a mentor, or a few partners to help me clarify my ideas, and increase the
usefulness of the end product.   I am writing this to request such help.

As a programmer, I'm fairly new to python.  I started writing assembly
language in 1975 for the terminal division of Hewlett--Packard, which was
soon to become the Personal Computer division.  I only started python after
I got my G1G1 in early 2008.

I'm fairly averse to re-inventing the wheel.  So I have been thinking of
combining Activities that already run on the XO as my main strategy.

At this point I have hacked together Write, Terminal, and  Browse to all
exist in a notebook under the Sugar toolbar.  I can read and write
Activity.xo files from the journal.  So I've learned a lot from what is
already written.  Whatever the final form factor, the work I've done up to
now will not be lost.

At this point I'm debating whether to substitute gedit for the functionality
of abiword.  Gedit includes many of the feature a programmer is looking for.
It is extensively internationalized. It has a  python extension system that
I think will make for easy integration into my application.

I'm leaning towards the structure of a remote debugger, even though the
client and server will mostly reside on the same machine.  I'd like for the
application to be insulated from errant client programs.

I'm having a lot of fun, and feeling much more productive than I did a few
months ago.

I'd love to hear from a few people who are willing to help me perfect my
ideas or have experience that could keep me from going down unfruitful
paths. I've written a wiki page trying to pull together some of my ideas:  There is
also a little more bio info about me at


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