XO-1.5 SD port assignments

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Thu Oct 8 02:39:08 EDT 2009

We have to reassign the SD ports on the XO-1.5, due to a newly  
problem with the predefined power control pin for slot 2.
We have two "devices", the WLAN and the external SD slot, where we might
want to maintain power throughout suspend.  These will be assigned to
ports 1 and 0 respectively.   The internal SD card will move to slot 2.
We do not expect to power the internal SD card in suspend, but reserve
the right to do so until aggressive suspend in Linux has been well  
and will use a GPIO to control this.

Fourteen XO-1.5 B2 laptops are each completing their 2 millionth
suspend/resume cycle under Open Firmware, with no errors.
They are running the EC asynchronous SCI wakeup test, which
randomly varies the wakeup signal centering it around the time the
system is suspending.  This proved to be a worse case in XO-1.

There is going to be a small B3 motherboard run to test some changes
to fix thermal problems between now and production.


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