Quick notes from a lazy smoketest of os30

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 04:02:01 EDT 2009

Got my 1.5-B2 prototype in the mail last week. (Yay! Toys!) I used it
a bit over the week (it is nice and fast), and then yesterday I had a
bit of downtime, so I updated it to cjb's os30.

Overall, lots of things work (wohoo!). Also, lots of things don't
work, to a puzzling extent: the F11-based SoaS I tested were a lot
more functional than this. Maybe someone knows why? (F11-SoaS has
updates we are missing? We are using untested updates post-SoaS that
are broken?).

 - There is a lot of screen glitches when we have animations. ISTR
this is known and it shows also on my 1.5 A2.

 - It runs hot, as reported elsewhere :-)

 - Record fails to record sound (gstreamer errors appear in logs) -
(known to work in SoaS-F11)

 - Pippy is broken because "import pippy" fails (ktw in SoaS-F11)

 - "Create a network":
   - Fails to "disconnect" from the network
   - The process is a whole lot more complicated than what we had for
under-a-tree. Our "mesh" ad hoc network in earlier OSs was the
automagic fallback. Users could start the XOs, wait a bit, and they'd
be on a shared adhoc network. Why can't Sugar users enjoy the same?

That's it. It is a bit hard ATM to check in our bugtracker whether
these are known, because we aren't using any tags/versions/components
that make it easy to see. Or perhaps I we are and I just missed them.


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