complex langs/scripts in abiword

Daniel Drake dsd at
Mon Oct 5 03:33:55 EDT 2009


I've been working on various bugs related to Nepali/Sanskrit text in
AbiWord which likely fall over to other languages too. There were
several pretty big bugs before, and now it is much more usable.

I'd be interested to know if this solves any problems for other deployments.

Here's a summary of what I've been looking into and any new/available fixes:

1. upgrade from abiword-2.6.4 to abiword-2.6.5. This release fixes a
big bug related to complex scripts. It was already built in the OLPC-3
branch in Fedora but for some reason never made it to an OLPC OS

2. Languages were being analyzed incorrectly
fixed by in abiword trunk: r27631, r27632, r27655, r27656

3. Nepali text disappears when being selected
not yet fixed

4. Mouse selections can divide composite characters
partially fixed by r27660, but doesnt affect the XO

5. composite characters get divided on wrap
Not yet fixed. low importance;  this only happens when a single word
is longer than a line (in the normal case, the whole word is moved to
the next line).

6. gaps inbetween glyphs
probably related to Abi's advanced scale/zoom system. probably not
easy to fix, but only a minor issue which appears much less often on
the XO

7. glyphs misrendered when large
caused by integer overflows in pango, fixed in pango master

To deploy all these fixes on an XO running 8.2.1, install these RPMs:
(pango with the int overflow fix)
(abiword v2.6.5 with some patches from the above bug reports)


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