Brown-bag OFW for XO-1.5

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Thu Oct 1 05:04:50 EDT 2009


Consider this a pre-release of q3a12 ...


a) The Via Thermal Monitor is on.  That prevents overheating.

b) fs-update has several improvements:
1) Now handles large chunk sizes correctly
2) "dir int:\" immediately after fs-update now works
3) Better error checking for truncated .zd files
4) Check the hash by default, using the hardware SHA256 engine for speed
5) Display the CPU temperature to verify that the thermal monitor works 
(prevents overheating)
6) The animated display auto-scales to fit on the screen

c) batman fixes from Richard

d) Several core networking improvements from Luke

e) CIFS client

f) test-all improvements for use in manufacturing

g) DSDT fixes for lid, ebook, and power switches from Paul

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