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On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 04:55, Edward Cherlin <echerlin at gmail.com> wrote:
> On the data entry, what medical software is in use?

There's no data entry for the moment. The first part of the project is
to provide access to html content, with a strong focus on drugs
information, but anything can be put on the SD or USB key.
The olpc are set to use a fullscreen browser with a minimal debian
based distribution.

Using medical entry software is an interesting idea, but I believe
trying to adapt an existing solution instead of creating something
based on the local needs is wasteful.

> Are people thinking about how to network from village to town to city
> for such purposes?

The debian is set up so that when olpcs are near eachother, the
homepage of the fullscreen browser shows the list of near olpcs, with
an hyperlink. The content of the SD and USB keys are shared by default
- therefore if there's no SD or USB key, it shows nothing.

I purchased SD card with USB interface (sandisk) for each olpc. The
idea is to let it inside the olpc, using the USB port to access its
content on another computer if needed. SD are small enough to be
easily exchanged

The idea is to ease the propagation of any html content (the LCD of
text information) between the users.

> Is there any thought about telemedicine using the camera, video chat,
> and data acquisition functions of the XO?

Hopefully - I did some tests, aiming for something simple (saving jpg
files on the USB/SD, to be shared wirelessly).

But for now I want to get the devices in the hard of the users and let
them tell me what they need.

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