Jumpy mouse cursor

Tiago Marques tiagomnm at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 13:27:31 EST 2009

Hi all,

I've been having some problems with the new touchpad, namely it
"jumps" a lot for no apparent reason.

So far, I've managed to identify this problem not being caused by
software(excluding a possible calibration). The mouse jumps not
because it is severely broken but in part due to how I use it: one
finger in the touchpad itself and another over the left button. This
seems a normal use case, apart from the fact that I have fingers
bigger than the target audience of the device.
It seems that the problem stems from the fact that while I have the
finger over the button I also press the surrounding plastic, namely
the one closer to the touchpad area itself. The touch pad seems to
activate when I have the finger close to the touchpad area but I
checked and I'm still at least 0.5mm from touching when it detects the
finger. Is there a way to calibrate sensitivity and has anyone
experienced similar jumpyness?
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