GSM/CDMA Modems support (part II)

Martin Abente mabente at
Wed Nov 25 09:36:14 EST 2009

Hello again everyone!

As I mentioned in my last email to devel at, there is a real
need for a GSM/CDMA usb modem support in our region since thats the most
common/available service in rural locations.

In my last email I proposed to the OLPC guys to include the "option" module
to their builds, _but_ theres another problem concerning sugar connections
management. Currently it is not allowed to manage non-802.11 connections. I
checked the code at jarabe/model/ and I think it needs the proper
extensions/changes to at least be able to store other connections types.
Would a patch that extends the allowed connection types be accepted in the
0.84 branch (that will be shipped with F11) ?

I say "at least" because this would allow other applications that interact
with NM (ie via Dbus) to configure/set this device letting us postpone the
need to extend the Sugar UI itself. I already wrote a prototype app for
this that is actually working on the Gnome environment [1].

What do you guys think?

Martin Abente (tch)


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