Recent olpc-utils fixes

Daniel Drake dsd at
Wed Nov 25 09:31:32 EST 2009

Hi Martin,

Thanks for looking at olpc-utils. 2 comments:

olpc-configure: use /etc/olpc-configure/devkey.html as template if
exists (dlo#9731)

Just curious, why is a .tmp file used here?

olpc-configure: separate upg from firstboot, trigger activity upg

To fix #9747 I was planning just to remove that code altogether and not
pop up a dialog. It was added in anticipation of G1G1 but (IMO) was
never useful even for those users. For deployment users its just
confusing, and we aren't preparing this OS release for anyone else.

Other things in that commit look a bit suspicious.
I think it will reintroduce the problems with SSH files because
update_home_permissions_to_v6 is run after set_home_permissions

And this seems contradictory:

+ if [ -z "$olpc_home_version" ]; then
+ ### upgrades only

Surely $olpc_home_version would be set on an upgrade?

My vote would be to just remove the .sugar-update creation, which I was
already planning to do (pending a quick run-by-Chris). As for the rest
of your changes in this commit, could you explain exactly what you're
trying to achieve?


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