Haiti OLPCs - some news

Guylhem Aznar olpc at guylhem.net
Mon Nov 23 21:50:47 EST 2009

Hello all,

Long time no see. So I've got news to all y'all volunteers who helped
me raise dead XO to the Vodoo of Haiti :-)

The machine are safely stored in vice director locker of the
University Hospital of Martinique. First tests and OS (non sugar) -
for now, work as expected.
6 terrain units were deployed in the hospital. They performed as
planned (but wifi mesh - last minute mistake I made on a script)

A group of infectiologists and administrators flew to Haiti 2 weeks
ago. There, demos were given to various health programs, mostly
focused around AIDS.
I was told that many people loved the hardware- more so that my
software, but never mind :-) They were glad to see a cheap machine
suited to their terrain. And I'm always glad to give a hand.

My project was about giving drug information to primary practitioners.
But apparently, there's a strong interests in simply using the devices
as data entries for outpatient clinics.

It's an evolving process and I'm open to anything that can help
people, as long as the units are not diverted into some obscure
research program with very little benefits to the sick people.

Soon, we should receive a visit of their team, (I will do my best to
make pictures - I'm not in PR :-) during which I'll offer to adapt for
free their existing software, if they can also put some of the XO
loaded with drugs prescriptions, interactions, etc. to primary care

Then finally the XO will be at their new home in Haiti !

Dr. Guylhem Aznar, MD PhD

Unité d'Analyse Médico-Économique
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