slimming icon theme caches

Daniel Drake dsd at
Mon Nov 23 10:19:34 EST 2009

Previous OLPC OS builds (e.g. 8.2)  included this in the build script:

    echo "  - Slimming unnecessary icon theme caches."
    # these are useful only if disk seeks take a long time.
    # rather than remove them completely, we rebuild them as index-only
    # (ie, don't duplicate all the icon image data in the cache)
    for f in $INSTALL_ROOT/usr/share/icons/*/icon-theme.cache ; do
	gtk-update-icon-cache -fi --quiet $(dirname $f)

This saved some disk space and presumably made olpc-update run a bit
quicker (this file tends to change on a rebuild even if nothing else has

Does anyone have an opinion whether it's still relevant for XO-1.5?


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