OS40 feedback

LASKE, Lionel (C2S) LLASKE at c2s.fr
Sat Nov 14 15:30:46 EST 2009

Hi all,

I've just finished to upgrade to OS40 with q3a15.
The upgrade work well but the keyboard and touchpad stop working on the "Name:" screen.
Problem solved after removing the battery and reboot.
But I thought this issue was related to the firmware. I'm wrong ?

Another issue not seen this ticket in the track:
In TurtleArt, moving tiles with a number (forward, left, ...) let a trace on the screen. The font used to draw number seems to be too large.
The trace disappear when the screen refresh. I've tried to do a screen capture but the screen is refreshed before the capture...
This issue was also in the OS38.

Best regards from France.


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