XO-1.5 B3

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Sat Nov 14 10:18:16 EST 2009

We received 15 XO-1.5 B3 motherboards Friday, straight from the  
assembly line.
Five of them have been packaged in CL1A cases for 1CC developers, and  
5 are running tests on the sawzall testbed (outside the tech room).

There are several changes from B2:
- change in SDIO slot assignment to move the WLAN to one with working  
suspend operation
- power to the internal SD card (slot 3) is now controlled by the EC
- DCONIRQ routed to an usable interrupt input
- A second interrupt from the EC to the host is provided, to work  
around ACPI complexities.
- change in power distribution to handle theoretical overload of  
3VPCU circuit
- use of QMI WLAN module (instead of AzureWave).   The WLAN card now  
   +1.8V from the motherboard, instead of linear regulators (from 3.3V).
   This is a different pinout than the AzureWave as well.   Modules  
should be
    available 11/18 or so.
- All have only 512 MB (four memory chips).   Due to DRAM prices  
right now, we
   will offer this to some customers and need to test it more  

Eight of these are running SD tests right now, waiting to test  
Two are in the hands of Paul and Chris.   One will be come a new  
tinderbox next
week, and the remainder will be put in cases after we finalize the  

Information is up at:  http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XO_1.5_B3


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