[Sugar-devel] User workflow sharing "Journal Entries" over USB sticks

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Thu Nov 12 17:18:38 EST 2009

martin.langhoff at gmail.com said:
> In terms of use cases, saving to a USB disk allows for personal
> backups -- like before a complete upgrade / reflash, which is still
> used in many cases.

> You wouldn't use a system that didn't let you copy your files to a
> disk, would you? 

How old do kids have to be before they understand the ideas of backup?  How 
about making copies?  (to give to others and as a snapshop to keep for 

There are many reasons for wanting a backup.
    hardware errors
      including the hardware getting lost or stolen
    software errors
    operator errors
    user errors

The backup mechanism is primarily making a copy of the data.  That mechanism 
can also be used for other things:
    transferring data to somebody else
      giving a paper to your teacher
    taking a snapshot at interesting times
      saving a copy of a paper exactly as you gave it to your teacher

Tangled up in here is transferring data to other software and/or other 
hardware platforms.  If your system uses proprietary file formats you need a 
way to translate the information into a format that other people can use.  
Same for uncommon hardware.

I think whatever backup/copy mechanism OLPC/Sugar ends up with should be 
convenient for all of those tasks.  (and probably a few others I haven't 
thought of)

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