XO-1.5 and SD device node names

Paul Fox pgf at laptop.org
Wed Nov 11 09:58:54 EST 2009

daniel wrote:
 > Hi,
 > Are we currently doing anything to make sure that the internal SD card
 > is always /dev/mmcblk0 under Linux?
 > The initramfs needs to be able to translate OFW's chosen bootpath
 > "/pci/sd at c/disk at 1" into a device node for the internal SD card. Can I
 > assume mmcblk0 or should I be looking for some distinguishing factor in
 > sysfs, just in case the external one might be named mmcblk0 someday?

i think we should be nailing it down so that the names go with the
slots, no matter what.  i think udev rules (in the initrd) were proposed
for this, but someone followed up the existing trac ticket (#9457) with a
driver patch used on the maemo.  (haven't looked at it.)

 paul fox, pgf at laptop.org

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