Testing summary - 7 November 2009 Wellington, NZ

Tabitha Roder tabitha at hrdnz.com
Fri Nov 6 19:13:43 EST 2009

Testing summary - 7 November 2009, Wellington NZ

Who: Alastair, Mike C, Grant, Tabitha, Mike A, Shane, Mike G, Gavin, Jess

Randoms asked about what we are doing and played with some XOs, nice

Tested Australia list with mostly XO 1.0s on 0.82. here are brief notes (we
sending the spreadsheet with all the info on it to rangan separately):
Analyse8 -
Bridge2 -
Browse102 -
Calculate25 - unsuccessful in sharing tests,
Cartoonbuilder5 -
Chat48 - documentation not relevant to existing chat activity,
Colors15 - not that stable, lost headings in menus, sharing was not
consistent and found it annoying that users can change your settings while
you drawing (e.g. change color on each other)
Connect21 - could not start second game, first game successful, could add
third person to watch, restarting activity still sharing confused XO - could
see each other but not start new game just first user says waiting for other
Distance14 - hard to test with noise in background
EToys94 - need to start with tutorials as steep learning curve
Firefox6 - we recommend XO users choose browse over firefox
Flipsticks3 - shareable and after a few tries we could not see each others

Browse-108 on XO 1.5 hangs, but then comes back, not tested well enough to
do bug report

Thanks testers!

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