versioned partitioned upgrading: safety boot configuration

Daniel Drake dsd at
Wed Nov 4 05:56:11 EST 2009

Hi Michael,

I'm working on updating olpc-update and the initramfs to be able to work
with a partitioned layout where /boot is separate from the rest of the
system. Thanks for the good documentation at

This means I will probably be troubling you with a few questions :)

First one, I'm implementing the "Create a "safety" boot configuration"
I guess the purpose of this is to ensure that the current running OS is
marked as "current", and to free up the other OS image (so that it can
be deleted soon after to make space for the incoming update).

So onto the bit I have to add:
	(If partitioned: Make /boot/alt point to ../$a.)

I don't understand this part. Surely the instructions for /boot would be
equivalent to what was done above, i.e. on the boot partition:
 1. make sure that /boot points at boot-versions/$a
 2. remove /boot/alt

Or have I just answered my own question through writing this mail? Step
1 is deemed unnecessary (we can assume that it's already pointing to the
right place), and your instructions are simply making the alternate boot
configuration point to exactly the same one that is booted (hence there
is no longer an alternative)


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