public_rpms system for F11 builds

Daniel Drake dsd at
Tue Nov 3 11:58:04 EST 2009


I've revived the old public_rpms system for the new F11 builds.

For anyone that doesn't know, this is a way of making custom RPMs
available for OLPC OS builds. Normally, RPMs come from regular Fedora
repositories, but this system allows us to throw in RPMs from other

We aim to keep our delta from Fedora as small as possible, so this
system should only ever see light use. Please question yourself
thoroughly before adding a package to this system...
(examples of what we put here: important OLPC-specific packages which
can't be included in Fedora, OLPC's fork of the unmaintained Sugar-0.84,
the OLPC kernel)

There are 3 repos:
1. f11 - RPMs to be available to both F11-for-XO1 and F11-for-1.5 builds
2. f11-xo1.5 - RPMs for the XO-1.5 build (not for XO-1)
3. f11-xo1 - RPMs for the XO-1 build (not for XO-1.5)

Any user can use this -- simply put RPM packages in
e.g. I would put things in /home/dsd/public_rpms/f11

The f11-xo1 and f11-xo1.5 repos should only be used sparingly, since we
want to be sharing as much as possible between the 2 builds. (the only
reason for creating these 2 is because each XO HW version needs a
different kernel)

They are collected and turned into a single flat repository every 30
minutes here:

Packages you put here won't be *included* in the build unless they are
listed in the fedora-xo build scripts (or unless they are a dependency
of something listed there).

What I'll be working on next:
1. I'll make the kernel autobuild scripts put the kernel packages here
2. I'll make it so that if you put a package here, this package will be
automatically excluded from the F11 repositories during the OS build so
that the F11 packages won't kick out the OLPC ones when version numbers
get higher.
3. I'll work on making sure that the yum configuration (these repos and
excludes) present on the system at the end of the build exactly matches
the one used during the build.


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