open 80211s on XO 1.5

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Sun Nov 1 23:55:19 EST 2009

>  Computer are supposed to be a Science ...

Regardless of what anyone thinks computing is "supposed" to be, in 
reality what it really is is business.

Things happen because or money or the hope of money.  OLPC tries to buck 
that trend to some extent, but all of the components that we buy, and 
all of the partner companies that we depend on for components and 
manufacturing services, are money-driven.  If a component is not 
profitable, it becomes unavailable.  If a software component (e.g. an 
802.11s networking stack) does not appeal to paying customers, serious 
development on it eventually ceases.

The Open Source software movement is a bit less money-driven than 
commercial software development, but the money connection is still there 
in the background.  The FOSS software that eventually reaches a usable 
quality level is mostly the stuff for which some company is funding the 

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