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Sun May 31 16:26:33 EDT 2009

On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 9:12 PM, Mihai Sucan <mihai.sucan at> wrote:
>> - which version(s) of Sugar targets your project?
> I am not intimate with the development cycle and work-flow of the OLPC XO.
> I learned sufficiently to see it's Fedora Core-based, and that Sugar is
> becoming distro agnostic.
> Thus, my answer is simply limited to my current usage of the XO. I want
> PaintWeb to work well on the OLPC XO-1 laptop, with the latest stable OS
> release (that's 8.2.1).

That's a F-9 + Sugar 0.82. Tomeu is currently working on Sugar 0.84,
which is being build & polished into Sugar-on-a-Stick (F-11+Sugar

Sugar-on-a-Stick can boot (slowly) from a USB stick on an XO. It'd be
interesting to see what performance it gets. My guess is that
xulrunner isn't patched in SoaS, but Hulahop probably is the mostly
the same as on XO OS 8.2.1.

>> - already have an idea about how are going to be deployed any
>> modifications that result from this?
> The modifications resulting from this work are already deployed into
> PaintWeb. You can try the last working SVN trunk snapshot at:

And PaintWeb will be deployed as part of Moodle in the the XS. I've
asked Mihai to make sure that PW can work with XO OS 8.2.1 as it is.
If future Sugar or XO OS improve the behaviour of gecko in this area,
fantastic. But for now, it has a workaround that works great.

Hopefully these notes will help (a) get a better fix for the scaling
issue and (b) implement workarounds in webapps that want to run with
8.2.1 :-)


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