Longer XO transformer power cord in the plans?

Tiago Marques tiagomnm at gmail.com
Sun May 31 09:56:05 EDT 2009

On 5/31/09, Reinder de Haan <rs at mveas.com> wrote:
> Sascha Silbe wrote:
>> On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 03:16:53PM +1000, James Cameron wrote:
>>> 1.  Earthing.  The current design has no earth at the AC end, and is
>>> isolated in relation to the DC end.  An earthed AC plug in some
>>> countries produces a more reliable and positive insertion and anchoring.
>> All "travel adapters" (power outlet adapters) I've come across so far
>> had no earthing so would be impossible to use (unaltered). Of course
>> this wouldn't be much of a change as the current wall warts also don't
>> fit any adapter I've seen at shops. At SugarCamp in Paris, quite a few
>> people (including myself) had "custom" ones, i.e. with mechanic
>> alterations.
>> Personally, I feel comfortable making minor mechanic changes to an
>> adapter, but I won't usually dare using a non-earthing adapter with a
>> device having an earthed plug (unless I know for sure this is safe).
>> Actually, if you are able to use a standard plug (e.g. IEC-60320-C5/C6)
>> at the power supply end, above won't apply at all as it's usually easy
>> to get a matching cable, no travel adapter needed. :)
> +1 for inline adaptor its MUCH easier to exchange only the mains cable:
> 1) when its demaged
> 2) when shiping to a different part of the world
>  you would need only one powersupply brick for (almost?) all or the world.
> i have seen some companies ship a couple of different cables so the
> device is usable almost everywhere and doesn't need to be custom
> packed/country.
> i would go which IEC-60320 C8/C9 which is used for half of the laptops
> today.

Completely not the picture around this part of Europe. Most of them
come with C13 and some are being sold with C7, which is pretty much a
standard for other types electronics. C13 would be my favorite, if the
size of the plug is not an issue, since it is also the standard for
computer power supplies. As mentioned above, C5 would also be sweet.

As for safety, adding something like the cable plug of the original
Xbox pads would work perfectly and it's not as expensive as Apple's
magnetic plug. Cost of this is something I have no clue about.

Best regards,

Tiago Marques

> i feel a earthed design only increases the risks, even more so when you
> cant depend on the quality of the mains supply.
> the only advantage to the earthed design that im aware of is that the
> power supply easier(cheaper?) meets EMC/FCC regulations.
>> I hope future XO versions will still have the same broad power input
>> specs as the XO-1. It's been very useful already (e.g. cable-only "car
>> adapter", no voltage conversion or even voltage limit necessary).
>> CU Sascha
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