oatslite: a small theft deterrence protocol implementation

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Wed May 27 11:50:01 EDT 2009


I developed a small server implementation of the antitheft protocol:
Along with a modification to the client side, we are using it to
automatically distribute lease and OS updates to nearly 4000 XOs in
Paraguay. It is working nicely, serving several XOs per minute during
school hours.

It's called oatslite, written in Python, and can be found here:

The README tells the whole story:

This will be useful for any deployments who are interested in this
functionality, but requires a deployment-specific public/private
antitheft key pair (your public key must also be present in the
manufacturing data of all the XOs, this can be achieved through
keyjector or perhaps by asking Quanta to include it during

I added some notes on the various other implementations available, and
the current level of client-side support, here:


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