FoodForce II Beta Release

Mohit Taneja mohitgenii at
Fri May 8 14:24:30 EDT 2009


The Beta version of the FoodForce2 game has been developed for the XO. The
features that have been incorporated are :

   - The storyboard has been implemented in the game, which includes
   different scenarios, each of them is related to a particular key learning
   area or a social issue.
   -  The game is playable over the mesh network, the trading scenario has
   been implemented over the mesh network.
   -  The memory footprint of the game has been reduced. The issues over the
   game having memory leaks, submitted by the testing group has been resolved.
   -  A major UI Redesign of the game has been done to make things more
   intuitive for the child.

For more info about the game check :
The game can be downloaded from :

We recently organized a hands-on session with the students and teachers of
Delhi Police Public School in Safdarjung Delhi, India. For information
related to the test methodology and test results :
The storyboard used in the game has been documented here :

FoodForce2 Team
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