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* New Libraries!

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring?!

* Fast Review of the 5 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals:

1. Webified: Sugarizing Web Apps GSoC [UK]

   Requests 1 XO for 3-4 months

   Project Objectives:
    I'm making a template SSB 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Site-specific_browser> activity and a 
small utility that can create activities out of websites using that 
template. This combination will make sugarizing web apps almost entirely 
    The purpose of this project is twofold:

    * it would make it easy to "sugarize" web apps (like gmail).

    Users could press a button in the Browse activity (or there could be 
a separate activity for this) and a small tool would help them create a 
sugarized web app as a new activity.

    * there are a lots of web developers out there that are familiar
      with HTML(5), CSS and JavaScript and it would be great to take
      advantage of their skills.

    Web developers could use Webified to port their web apps to sugar 
using only web technologies, without having to learn Python.

2. abcube:3D edu game [MOROCCO]

    Requests 1 XO for 3 months

    Project Objectives:
    Test the possibility of the use of 3D interactive games and 
applications regarding the hardware limitation of the xo laptop.  See 
above link!

3. Adding Print Support GSoC [INDIA]

    Requests 1 XO for about 4 months

    Project Objectives:
    Add print support to the laptops.For the time being, the print 
requests will be sent to the school server through a moodle print page 
then the teacher can view the files through his login in the same 
application, and approve them for printing to a print server. We will 
also be including a fallback strategy that is usb printing.

    My refined version of the print support idea is actually a better 
way of ensuring that paper abuse will be curbed, as the kids wouldn't 
really take into account :all the predicaments associated 
with :printing. And needless to say printing does take place with the 
teacher's intervention. And everything takes place in a moodle 
environment, plus there is the added benefit of printing in the No XO case.

    (The first step would essentially mean a Save as PDF hack and put 
the jobs for processing on moodle )

4. Karma project [MEXICO, mentor in NEPAL]

    Requests 1 XO for 5 months

    Project Objectives:
    The main idea is to boost educational Web Develop.
    There are lots of designers-particularly in developing 
countries-that want to contribute to OLPC. The bad news is that they 
don't know python. or GTK+. They may not even be familiar with linux. 
They do know HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Adobe Flash. ... Due to rise of 
the Internet and related boom in outsourcing, the vast, vast majority of 
programmers in developing countries are web developers(according to my 
own grossly unscientific survey). The rise of the Internet has also led 
a lot of talented graphic designers in developing and developed 
countries to learn web technologies. ... Unfortunately, there aren't any 
IDE's that provide WYSIWYG animation editing for DOJO, JQuery, and 
Processing.js and so on tools. While real programmers use emacs (or vi, 
joe, sam, etc.), designers use WYSIWYG GUI's. from How to Make Activity 
Designers Happy , Parts I and II 

    I propose using web technologies for completely offline activities. 
Allowing activity designers to quickly build activities utilizing 
widely-used tools. We need Karma (original idea Bryan Berry 
<http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:BryanWB>) to enable web designers to 
quickly build activities for the XO without having to learn a whole new 
skillset. So...I will creat an educational framework (Karma) using html5 
+ JavaScript, it will handle animation ( through <canvas>), sounds 
(through <audio>), also client-side i18n (according to browser locale) 
and general persistence (Gears) at the end we will have a re-usable 
javascript libraries for lesson plan reader (ideally with plain html 
rather than a pdf or other proprietary format), navigation and help 
(ideally reusing widgets from popular javascript libraries like Jquery, 
Prototype, Mootools or DOJO), etc. this framework will allow web 
designers to reuse their existing skills and tools.

    The objective is to provide a single prototype activity which could 
be used as a template for sugarizing AJAX activities. I will recreate an 
existing activity such as one of OLE Nepal's flash activities 

    I am planning to use

    * Webkit for html rendering engine.
    * Google Gear's Filesystem API because it seems to have the most
      traction in the linux world.

5. Craftsmann Laptop Library [GHANA]

    Requests 40 XO's for unlimited months

    Project Objectives:
    Craftsmann Laptop Library is design to introduce the students in the 
Rural Communities to the Information and Communication Technology and to 
enable schools in different geographical communicate to each other 
through our low-cost telecommunication infrastructure.
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