ffreep support on Geode LX (XO-1)

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Thu May 7 16:21:35 EDT 2009

2009/5/7  <pgf at laptop.org>:
> i think you're exactly right -- the fact that ul-warning completes
> when you manually switch screens is pretty convincing.  i'm
> amazed the vt system has never grown a new api of some sort to
> fix this problem.  because powerd puts up an additional shutdown
> splash screen prior to the ul-warning screen, the sequencing is
> perturbed, and i see it (the race) more often.
> i think we should apply the bandaid of a retry to the chvt code --
> i.e., add a timeout to the wait, and retry (or, at the very
> least, exit) if it expires.  i actually went in to make the code
> changes the other day, but i backed off when i realized the
> source was in pyrex, not C.  i realized i wasn't sure i'd be able
> to do the signal handling successfully (in the time i'd allotted
> myself, at any rate).

I encountered this bug while working on another product, and came up
with a solution that isn't quite so complex.  It involves not using
VT_WAITACTIVE and instead just polling the v_active member of the
VT_GETSTATE result in a loop, retrying the VT_ACTIVATE until happy.

Site seems down at the moment but here it is from google's cache:

AFAIK the patch was never accepted upstream (due to it being very
inactive or dead) but I definitely submitted it.

This is something that we could perhaps roll into bobby's work on
bootanim/ul-warning, assuming it is affected in the first place...


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