plz test Build 802 + Firmware Q2E41 = Candidate Release 8.2.1

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Mon May 4 13:36:30 EDT 2009

> The build is now signed so you don't even need a developer key:
> Helping us test WPA (WPA2 especially) would be most useful, since these
> wifi connections sometimes fail as much as 20% of the time, when Release
> 8.2.0 seemed to fail only ~10% of the time.  And of course try:

WPA 1 doesn't work from my XO to my home DSL router (A UK BeBox - a
rebadged Speedtouch 780) with build 802. I previously tried one of the
previous 8.2.1 builds without luck as well. I don't currently have
WPA2 enabled as it causes issues with my eeePC 901. I just keep
getting prompted for the password.


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