Logistics, and school identification.

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Mon May 4 11:52:44 EDT 2009

On Mon, May 4, 2009 at 5:41 PM, Daniel Drake <dsd at laptop.org> wrote:
> Perhaps we could encode it into something shorter.
> "CAA40" for caacupe school nr 40  (each school does have a number)
> "CAA40M3B" for morning shift, 3rd grade section B at that school.
> Although I'm still not sure why you are asking these questions :)

I'm mostly interested in the school identifier -- if there is one, we
can create per-school files with the delegated keys to distribute.

If there is also a classroom identifier, then even better, we could
even feed that info to moodle to group users into courses (but that's
convenience). For large schools, there's a switch to get ejabberd from
@online@ to per-course shared roster groups.

>> And if we wanted to use that to prepare data to ship to XSs out there
>> (some on the interwebs, some not), is it easy to generate a CSV or
>> similar export with the current XOs in each school? We'd also want a
>> listing of stolen SN/UUIDs...
> Yes. We come quite close to this already... the system generates a CSV
> file for each school with SN and UUIDs for each laptop, which is then
> processed by another system which generates leases and distributes
> them (through puppet) to the XSs.

Hmmm! Is that code available somewhere?

 - Are you generating straight leases, or delegated signature leases?

>>> How does this line up with XS plans?
>> Quite reasonable :-)
> What will the XS do with the data?

Well, the workflow I am thinking of is

 - create priv/pub keys for all your XSs
 - for each XS...
   - generate delegation tokens, valid for 1 year, from the master key
to the XS key for each XO in the corresponding school
   - place the appropriate delegation tokens on each XS (in your case,
via puppet)
 - then each XS generates daily leases for each XO, the lease lifetime
is configurable on the XS
 - XOs request a lease renewal via OATC once a day, or every second day

does that make sense?


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