Logistics, and school identification.

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Mon May 4 10:33:37 EDT 2009

On Mon, May 4, 2009 at 3:44 PM, Daniel Drake <dsd at laptop.org> wrote:
> Let's be careful with the term "UUID"
> Quanta generates a UUID which corresponds to the SN and stores it in
> manufacturing data, which is used for things like leases.
> Additionally, the Paraguay inventory system generates a unique ID
> which we generate a barcode from. So there are really 2 UUIDs per

Cool - I am talking about the manufacturing UUID - related to the leases :-)

>>  - What the format of the school identifier? For the classroom?
> 5 components:
> 1. City (always Caacupé at the moment)
> 2. School (identified by number, all schools are numbered here)
> 3. Shift (morning or afternoon -- with a couple of exceptions, kids
> only get half a day of school)
> 4. Grade (1 through 6)
> 5. Section (A,B,C,...) - basically when there are multiple classrooms
> for one grade due to number of students, this identifies the class
> For example, a label that we affix to a box of 5 laptops might say:
> Caacupé :: 40 :: Turno mañana :: Tercer grado :: Sección B (7)

Ok, so the string is quite long. I thought perhaps it was encoded into
something shortish. I am interested mainly in the school
identification, if there's a compact identifier. Sometimes schools
have "registration numbers", etc. But you don't seem to be using it.

Do Uruguay or Peru use a school identification scheme?

>>  - Can the SN, UUID,classroom, school data be exported to a CSV file
>> or something similar?
> Yes.
>>  - Can I get my hands on a sample file? :-)
> A sample file of what?

If the inventory tool you use has a CSV file exporter already, I'd
like to have a sample snippet.

>>  - How are updates to the information handled? Does the inventory get
>> updated when new laptops are sent to a school? Does it handle
>> blacklisting (marking an XO as broken or stolen), replacement, etc?
> Yes, all of the above. It's done through a web interface.

And if we wanted to use that to prepare data to ship to XSs out there
(some on the interwebs, some not), is it easy to generate a CSV or
similar export with the current XOs in each school? We'd also want a
listing of stolen SN/UUIDs...

> How does this line up with XS plans?

Quite reasonable :-)


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