Spare parts

Michael J. Westfield westfield at
Fri Mar 27 18:13:20 EDT 2009


I recently waited for weeks for someone to supply a bad motherboard to
fix a friend's XO.  It had a crushed power switch and I wanted to
preserve the rotate switch if I could and with the mother board I did,
and she is quite happy.

I am willing to fix other XOs and with several boards I can do this.

The board was supplied by Mike Lee if you need a reference.

I am in Henrico (Richmond), VA and also help with testing of the XS for
Anna of Glen Iris, in Burmingham, Alabama.

I have experience with testing manufacturing and repair of surface
mounted technology.


Mike Westfield
2313 Woodhurst Road
Henrico, VA 23238

P.S. the links to various wiki pages didn't clearly, as least for me,
indicate who to appraoch with this request.

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