improving XO connectivity rates

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Tue Mar 17 18:17:52 EDT 2009

> ... the workaround definitely seems to be working fine. If
> you'd like to try it, you simply have to replace the shell script at
> /etc/NetworkManager/callouts/nm-dhcp-client.action with this binary:
> (named as
> nm-dhcp-client.action).

I'm not sure which build version that workaround is supposed to 
apply to.  Anyway, I tried it with candidate-801 on my XO.

I don't have wireless at home.  Went to an establishment which had a 
wireless AP (key-free) on channel 6.  Despite many times clicking on 
the AP's icon in Neighborhood View, my XO never showed me a 
connection to that AP.  Replaced the binary with the original 
script.  Now my XO connected to that AP promptly.


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