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Sun Mar 15 22:24:22 EDT 2009

* Use new {{activity migrated to sl.o}} template on wiki pages of 
migrated activities.
* Start to remove redundant incorrect information from them.
* Continue to update activity template fragments for Activities/All and 
activity groups.
* I changed {{OBX activity}} template's core/bundled/extra handling.

Samuel Klein replied:
> On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 7:12 PM, S Page <info at> wrote:
>> Several other migrated activities likewise have incorrect
>> pages.
> Indeed.  Please tag those at the top with {{Migrated to sl.o}} but
> don't blank the page.  In this case you are moving a page that can be
> edited and discussed to one that does not really support either ...


1. Leave activity pages on
2. Add new {{activity migrated to sl.o}} template to them, see e.g.
3. Start to delete {{OBX }} templates and semantic info such as {{OBX 
xobundle and |i18n= from them that's redundant and will drift out-of-date.

More details are on

> (and that has misleading metadata).
I'm not sure what you mean.  sl.o wiki pages have no metadata.

> [leave] the original pages up for roughly 12 months, 
Sounds good.

>> to
I updated this with these ideas.

>> I think only activities in an activity group or with an update URL
>> pointing to still need information on w.l.o.
>> But what do others think?
> I think it makes sense to have the short-template versions of all
> activities that work on XOs on [[Activities/All]] and the like, until
> the activity-discovery process within Sugar [and within older versions
> of Sugar out in the wild] changes.

Yes.  Activity maintainers need to keep their activity fragment 
templates on up to date so various subpages like 
Activities/All and Activities/G1G1/8.2 continue to indicate newest 
version that works with that release.

>   But those could be updated from
> info stored in an database.

It's software, anything's possible!

BTW, I made an adjustments to the {{OBX activity}} template.  This used 
to categorize activities as core, bundled, or extra; but now that all 
activities besides Journal are optional, only the first two show 
anything.  I think it works.

I hope this helps.
=S Page

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