Removing perl from the build

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Fri Mar 13 08:47:03 EDT 2009

Hi Chris,

>> I've gone through what's been pulling in the perl dependency and
>> narrowed down the packages that are dependant on it to the following
>> list. There's a number of easy fix ones and two that I need to dig
>> further on. The first four should be a matter of just blocking them
>> out of the kickstart file.
>> w3m
>> logwatch
>> lftp
>> fbset
>> This one is because cronie wants a mailer. Daniel and I fixed this one
>> on joyride by explicitly adding ssmtp (a 50K mailer)
>> exim
>> These two will be a little more interesting. I'm going to file some
>> bugs against them. The second one I can't see why it needs perl. The
>> first one we'll see.
>> deltarpm
>> libgnomeprint22
> As a followup to this email I filed bugs for the two issues above, I
> was given permission to fix libgnomeprint22 (BZ 489227) which has been
> done and should show up in the next rawhide. Still awaiting response
> for the deltarpm one (BZ 489231). I can create a patch for the
> kickstart if that makes it easier for you too.

As another follow up to this the gnome-python2-evince package (needed
from sugar-read) incorrectly required evince-devel which in turn pulls
in a chunk of the devel stack plus perl, I've filed RH bug 490112 to
get this fixed so hopefully it should be done before too long. If you
think its work doing quickly it might be worthwhile adding it to the
F11Beta tracker.


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