Sugar Live CD on Mac or PC?

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at
Mon Mar 2 18:36:21 EST 2009

Hi All...

One more question before the CUE Conference this week.  I had bought a Sugar Live CD from xoexplosion, but before I had a chance to try it on my MacBook, someone at SCaLE took it!  Now I need to know...

Would it have worked if I had just booted my MacBook from it?  How would I have used it on a PC?  Is the version available for download at one that would be the same as the one sold by XOexplosion?  I want to make this as simple as possible for folks.  If I start talking about Ubuntu and Fedora and the like, they will run, not walk, to the nearest exit!

Maybe the easiest thing would be to refer them to xoexplosion? Or to tell them to just make a SOAS?

Thanks for your help!

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