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Hi everyone,

I am a software engineer at SEETA ( working in the Food
Force II project. I have been recently trying to localize this project to
Hindi, and have run into issues towards doing the same. I have followed the
steps mentioned at the wiki pages, and I am not sure, where I could have
gone wrong. Please find the details of the steps followed by me below-

*1.* Selected the strings from the project files, which I wanted to
translate. Selected 5 of them. These were contained in 2 python modules. So,
I included gettext in these 2 modules, and then wrapped the 5 strings in
gettext. Please find the details as follows-
*from gettext import gettext as _      # at the top of both the modules

*_(‘string to be translated’)        # with the 5 strings*

*2.* Created a sub-directory namely "po" in the main FoodForceII directory.
Then, I created file in the po directory, and added-*
   *encoding: UTF-8*


** and are the modules, which contain the strings
to be translated.

*3.* Tried creating the .POT file for FoodForceII. Ran the
file (the setup file for FoodForce2) with genpot command. Received the
following error message-
*Xgettext error: Can’t include the file: no such file exist* is a module required for running pygames in the sugar
environment. Encountered similar error with every file in the olpcgames
folder placed in the activity bundle.

I experimented with moving the olpcgames folder outside the FoodForceII
bundle, and then ran file with genpot. The FoodForce2.pot file
was created in the po folder.

*4. *  Now, I copied back the olpcgames folder into the FoodForce2 main
directory .Now, we were supposed to generate a .po file. As, I was firstly
translating the game into hindi language ( a regional language of INDIA); I
gave the following command from inside the po folder in terminal-

*msginit -l hi*

hi becoz we were generating po file for the hindi language. It was
successfully done and the hi.po file was created. So, now our po folder
contains the following three files-

*FoodForce2.pot     hi.po*

*5.  * Now, the next step was to add the hindi text in the msgstr part in
the hi.po file . As I am proficient in the hindi language I did the
translation on my own using a hindi editor. The translated strings were
placed between the quotes in the hi.po file for the 5 strings-

*msgstr “  “*

*6. *  So, the next and final step was to make the .mo file. Firstly I
created the following directories-

*locale/hi/LC_MESSAGES   *

where the locale sub-directory was located directly in the FoodForce2
directory and hi was contained in locale sub-directory and LC_MESSAGES in hi

Now, I ran the following command from inside the po folder in the terminal-

*msgfmt hi.po  --output='../locale/hi/LC_MESSAGES/'*

And so the file was generated in

*7. *As all the necessary steps were done, I made a new xo bundle for
FoodForce2 and then changed the language of my sugar environment to Hindi
and then installed the bundle on it and ran the game. But, instead of the
strings which I tried to translate appearing in HIndi, they appeared in
english only.

As these steps didn't result into a successful localization, I tried some
other ways also but none gave the right result. The other changes which I
made were-

1. As the i18n page I mentioned earlier in the mail was not very clear about
this , so I included all the python modules present in FoodForce2 directory
in the and then generated the .pot file as done in step 2.

I am still trying to work out why the translation is not taking place
successfully. I would highly appreciate if anyone can send me some ideas
about why it didn't it worked properly.

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