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Wed Jun 17 07:53:43 EDT 2009

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Summary: Replacing with
sounds great to me.

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 6:10 AM, Sean DALY< at> wrote:
> OLPC has their list ( and we
> need to get that page to link to ASLO ...

I added a bullet to this and :

* has lots of activities for recent
versions of the [[Sugar]] environment, ''some'' of which may work on
OLPC [[builds]].

> ..., the information there is uneven
> (contains some stillborn/abandonware).

The current split organization is a mess and duplication provides
twice as many opportunities to be wrong.  There's a dozen other lists
of "all activities" on besides the Activities/All
page, see , killing off
some isn't going to hurt.  So just be brave and change it to

> Perhaps the easiest fix would
> be to link from each Activity position on that page to that Activity's
> ASLO page;
Sure, you could replace the fancy activity descriptions on with a simple link to their
ASLO page.

> people searching the Activity population would quickly
> understand the different/parallel nature of the OLPC page and ASLO.

If you can understand it, please explain it ;-)   Activities/All
claims "This is a list of all stable Activities  that can be installed
in the latest Sugar.", but
* they are NOT all getting updated
* "latest Sugar" meaning what?  OLPC doesn't ship latest Sugar.

> As
> far as I know, there aren't any issues with the very latest versions
> running on XO-1s, would I be correct in assuming this?

You're incorrect.  Sugar 0.84 is different from the Sugar 0.82.1 in
OLPC release 8.2.0 and 8.2.1. I understand there are issues for
Browse, Etoys, and Read which depend on libraries and already have
separate "latest versions".  I assume some other activities have
problems.  Unfortunately, most activity pages on and on don't specify their compatibility clearly, and it's
impossible to tell the difference between "Old version NN is still
truly the latest version that works on OLPC's 8.2" and "Nobody's
bloody updated this out-of-date info".

> Or does OLPC
> prefer to identify "known good" version, the ones updated through the
> XO Control Panel?

In OLPC release 8.2.0 and subsequent releases, the Software update
control panel updates installed activities using a complex fallback
mechanism involving *other, separate* pages such as Activities/8.2
and/or Activities/G1G1/8.2 , see .  Those subpages are where
"known good version" info must live for Software update to work, while
other activity pages are mostly useless out-of-date cruft. Maintaining
all these pages is manual and complicated, see , and
for many activities it isn't happening.

Hope this helps,
=S Page

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