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Sat Jun 13 10:54:46 EDT 2009

On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 02:10:14PM +0200, Sean DALY wrote:

> I saw this too:
> http://blog.wizzy.com/post/OLPC-and-Classmate-in-Nigeria
Great, just what I needed for my seminar! 20k$/month for an internet 
connection, wow!

> I couldn't find any technical information about the solution, although
> it seems to be based on FOSS
[1] is listed as an "offsite link" to "Wizzy tech site" on the "Wizzy 
community" page. From that page:

=== Begin quote from [1] ===
> This software is an adapted version of CentOS Linux, itself straight 
> recompile from source RPMs of Redhat Enterprise Linux. Many extra 
> packages have been added, all under the GPL licence.

> * DHCP server for IP addresses - dhcp as provided by Redhat
> * SMTP mail server - exim4
> * IMAP server for local mailboxes - courier packaged by wizzy
> * LDAP authentication server - openldap as provided by Redhat
> * DNS server - dnsmasq - community contribution
> * UUCP for all communications - uucp as provided by Redhat
> * LTSP bootserver for Linux Thin Client networks - ltsp 4.2 packaged 
> by
>    wizzy. This is just a bootserver - it requires an LTSP application
>    server as well for full LTSP functionality.
> * TFTP, NFS servers for booting and diskless workstation support for
>    LTSP - tftp-server , nfs-utils as provided by Redhat
> * wwwoffle offline web cache - wwwoffle modified and packaged by wizzy
> * apache webserver for webmail - apache as provided by Redhat
> * vsftpd ftp server - vsftpd as provided by Redhat
=== End quote from [1] ===

The latest news is a "public beta" announce from March 2006, though.

[1] http://www.wizzy.org.za/

CU Sascha

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