Free digital textbooks coming to California schools

John Gilmore gnu at
Wed Jun 10 18:42:28 EDT 2009

Open source, digital textbooks coming to California schools

The cash-strapped Golden State has decided that, starting next school year, schools will be able to use open source, digital textbooks for a number of math and science subjects. Ars talked with Brian Bridges, the Director of the California Learning Resources Network, which will be reviewing the texts, to find out more about what the program entails.

By John Timmer | Last updated June 9, 2009 10:13 PM CT


The agency that's reviewing the books is:

So far there are no free books (reviewed or unreviewed) on their site.
The books they're starting on are for high-school math and science, so
only useful to a few OLPC pilots that include older students.  But the
story reports that 10 publishers have already submitted free books for
review, and that they expect 14 to 16 before school starts in
September.  It's a start!


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